Happy Mums Foundation

We're a not-for-profit organisation, based in Carlisle, and it's our aim to support women to be happy mums!

As mums ourselves, we know that having kids (little ones and big ones) can be amazing, overwhelming, exhilerating and exhausting - all at the same time.

We deliver classes, activities and events to mums which offer practical ways to feel good. Getting out of the house, spending time with others and taking gentle exercise are all great ways to maintain good emotional wellbeing.

Lots of our activities welcome partners and kids too, but we focus on mum. After all, you can't have a happy child without a happy mum.

So take a look around our website and see what's on: want to prepare for birth? looking for support for postnatal depression? interested in mindfulness? We do all this and more!

As well as a range of pre & postnatal activities offered by the Foundation directly, we also hire our rooms to others. As a social enterprise this is how we're able to generate income to fund our work.